IRPB 2014

Chronic mania: A case reportDr Wafa Abdelghaffar1
Lymphocytes count in patients with bipolar disorderDr Wafa Abdelghaffar2
Meta-analysis of Quality of Life data in subjects at High Risk for psychosis.Dr Alessia Avila3
Place of antipsychotics in the preventive treatment of bipolar disorderDr Abir Baatout4
Narcolepsy – cataplexy and depressive disorder: About a case reportDr Abir Baatout5
Group psychoeducational intervention for caregivers of bipolar patients: Difference in evolution of families in burden and in the functionality of the patients along one yearMs Sara Barbeito6
Influence of Ethnicity on outcome of First Episode Psychosis- A retrospective StudyDr Sutapa Basu7
Deficit Syndrome in First episode Psychosis : Identification and impact on TreatmentDr Sutapa Basu8
Acute mania and hypothyroidism Dr Ilhem Beldi9
Determinants of subjective and objective burden of informal caregiving of patients with psychotic disorders.Dr Helena Faturous Bergman10
The effect of negative mood and major depressive episode on working memory and implicit learningMrs Emoke Borbély-Ipkovich11
Sequence learning and its consolidation in major depressive disorderMrs Emoke Borbély-Ipkovich12
Epidemiology, traits and risk factors of suicide in bipolar disorderMrs Emoke Borbély-Ipkovich13
Does oxidative stress affect cognition in the same way in affective and non-affective psychosis?Prof Monica Martinez Cengotitabengoa14
Mixed episodes as First-Episode of bipolar disorder: Influence of premorbid adjustment in long-term functionalityProf Monica Martinez Cengotitabengoa15
How to approach bipolar disorder by telemedicineProf Monica Martinez Cengotitabengoa16
The Enigma of Mania In A Case of Cancer ( Is it the Mind, the Medications, or the Metastases?)Dr Lim Cui Xi17
Failure of memantine to sensitize dopamine D2 receptorsDr Francesca Demontis18
A Dynamic Causal Modelling study of the P300 in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controlsDr Alvaro Diez19
First psychotic episode: Three year review at a psychiatry service of a general hospitalDr Margarida Duarte20
Prodrome: what do we know about “the before” of the first psychotic episode?Dr Margarida Duarte21
Modulation pharmacoMRI to investigate the neural effects of SSRIs on emotional face processingMs Andrea Edit Édes22
The “Fear of Harm” Phenotype of Bipolar DisorderDr Gianni Faedda23
Clinical Risk Factors for Bipolar Disorders: A Systematic Review of Prospective StudiesDr Gianni Faedda24
Actigraph Measures Discriminate Pediatric Bipolar Disorder from Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Normally-Developing ControlsDr Gianni Faedda25
Drug-induced systemic Lupus Erythematosus after 10 years of treatment with CarbamazepineDr Feten Fekih Romdhane26
Assessment of functioning in patients with remitted bipolar disorderDr Feten Fekih-Romdhane27
Sleep disturbance and suicidal intent in recent attemptersDr Panagiotis Ferentinos28
Burden of informal care-giving to patients with psychoses – a descriptive and methodological studyProf Lena Flyckt29
Structural brain network analysis in families multiply affected with bipolar 1 disorderMs Natalie J Forde30
Bipolarity in Greek antiquityMr Evangelos Fradelos31
Less and lighter caffeine consumption in patients with bipolar disorder: a case-control studyDr Luis Gutiérrez-Rojas32
Obsessive compulsive symptoms in schizophrenia: A case reportDr Sonia Hamzaoui33
Bipolar patients caregivers' stigmaMs Myriam Ben Daly Hassen34
Social beliefs about the origins of bipolar disorderMs Myriam Ben Daly Hassen35
Bipolar depression: Clinical and evolutive aspects (Tunisian sample of bipolar patients)Dr Souha Jedidi36
Serum levels of IGF-1 in First Episode Psychosis and chronic schizophrenia patients compared to healthy controlsDr Evangelos Karanikas37
Dexamethasone Suppression Test in at risk for psychosis, first episode psychosis and schizophrenia patients and related psychopathological implicationsDr Evangelos Karanikas38
Evidence for aberrant TH1 and TH2 immune response in drug naive First Episode PsychosisDr Evangelos Karanikas39
A systematic review of the role of cortisol in First Episode Psychosis and related psychopathological implicationsDr Evangelos Karanikas40
A systematic review of neuroendocrine mechanisms in At Risk for Psychosis subjects and related psychopathological implicationsDr Evangelos Karanikas41
Therapeutic Window of Lamotrigine for Mood Disorders: A Naturalistic Retrospective StudyMr Yosuke Katayama42
Manic switch following electroconvulsive therapyDr Harin Kim43
Child Behavior Checklist Profiles in Youth with Bipolar and Depressive DisordersProf Hyo-Won Kim44
Hyperthymic Temperament and Sunshine: A Study of 3 Regions in JapanDr Kentaro Kohno45
Childhood adversity interacts with purinergic receptor polymorphism, influencing depression and anxiety scores.Dr David Kovacs46
Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Recurrent ManiaDr Saejeong Lee47
Hyperthymic Temperament and Brightness PreferenceDr Mayu Makino48
Patterns of psychotropic drug prescription before and after evaluation in a specialized outpatient program for bipolar disordersDr Giorgio Michalopoulos49
The specific neural correlates of aesthetic judgment for paintings: in relation to bipolar temperamentsMr Yoshinori Mizokami50
Topiramate augmentation in patients with resistant major depressive disorder: a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trialDr Arash Mowla51
Professional activity and schizophrenia: associated factors and impact in prognosisDr Ismahen Ouerfelli52
Aspirin produces antidepressant like activity and potentiates the antidepressant efficacy of fluoxetine in miceMs Fatma Rabie53
Evaluation of Antipsychotics' effect on bone density in patients with schizophreniaProf Ahmed Rady54
Does long term antipsychotics treatment affect cortisol level in chronic schizophrenic patients? Prof Ahmed Rady55
Insulin resistance in patients with schizophreniaProf Ahmed Rady56
Insulin resistance in patients having mood disorder with psychotic featuresProf Ahmed Rady57
First psychotic episode and vitamin B12 deficiency: A case reportDr Thouraya Sadki58
Psychotic episode revealing a Behçet's disease: A case report.Dr Thouraya Sadki59
Assessment of depression among natural caregivers of patients suffering schizophreniaDr Nadia Samet60
Opioid use order treatment in Patient with bipolar disorder - Substitution or Antagonist Dr Jaswinder Singh61
Psychiatric disorders and degenenative spine disorders in amateur athletes Dr Nikolaos Syrmos62
Psychiatric disorders after spine and craniocerebral injuries in amateur athletes Dr Nikolaos Syrmos63
Psychiatric disorders after spine and craniocerebral injuries in elderly patientsDr Nikolaos Syrmos64
Psychiatric disorders and degenenative spine disorders in elderly patientsDr Νikolaos Syrmos65
Advancing in scientific controversy bipolar patients with/without personality disorder: Do significant differences exist?Mr Diego Barral Tafalla66
Comparison of psychodrug prescription patterns in bipolar disorder with/without personality disorderMr Diego Barral Tafalla67
Association study of 5-HT2A genes with schizophrenia in the Malaysian population: A Multiethnic Meta-analysis StudyMs Shiau Foon Tee68
Lithium in drinking water and prevention of male suicideProf Takeshi Terao69
Effect of Clinical Variables on Neurocognitive Functioning in Bipolar Disorder: A Preliminary ReportDr Kalliopi Tournikioti70
Psychotic depression with pseudodementia misdiagnosed as dementia remitted with TCADr Satoshi Ueda71
Assessing the relationship between cognitive impairment and functionality in bipolar patient with manic episodeDr Madalina Vrabie72
Cortical surface area and cognitive performance in patients with schizophrenia and healthy controlsMs Jinwon Yang73
Evaluating depressive symptoms in mania: a naturalistic study using a structured diagnostic tool, the DSM-5 “with mixed features” specifier M.I.N.I. moduleProf Allan Young74